Büşra Taşkıran: I’m free!

KHK TV and Euronews reporter Büşra Taşkıran, who was detained on 12 November, was released after 10 days in custody.

Büşra Taşkıran, who announced his detention with a tweet, reported to his followers that she had been released from his Twitter account.

“I’m free..

8 days isolation in 10 days of detention has ended.

 I was detained unlawfully from FETO membership, although there was no claim against me of taking judgeship exam questions.”

Taşkıran also mentioned what she had experienced in Ankara Police and said:

When I first came to Ankara Tem Branch, I asked about the claims that existed about me. “There is no claim about it, but you might think of something in the custody room” they said. Is a person’s life so cheap? She asked.

 “I’m stronger”

Taşkıran emphasized that she was stronger in her social media sharing and gave a message of struggle: So who were in custody? Mothers with babies, pregnant women and children of middle-income families of this country .. You cannot make children of this country a terrorist. You can’t create terrorists from me! A new struggle begins. I am stronger! “ 

Taşkıran, who was exported to KHK while she was an administrative judge, is one of the prominent figures with her interviews on KHK TV and seeking justice.

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